Chizell app rewards users tracking health, $, career

Thursday October 3, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Chizell, Negou Seid

DENVER -- Health, finance, and career management is set to get a lot easier following the launch of the new app, Chizell.Chizell-logo 

Touted as the "Tool for a beautiful life,” Chizell is an innovative app designed to reward users for tracking their health, finance, and career all in one place.

The health section of the app awards points for tracking meals and exercises and offers excellent resources for living a healthy life.

In the finance section, users earn points for creating and maintaining their budget. They can also track, manage their debts, and get advice on saving and investing.

But that's not all. Those scouting for a new job can earn points by merely creating a professional resume in the career section. They can also access resources for landing their dream job.

Once enough points have been accumulated, users can redeem them on the Chizell app marketplace for Amazon and Walmart gift certificates and other rewards.

Software developer Negou Seid is the co-creator behind Chizell. "I want to help people use data to change their lives,” said Seid.

“I believe that we fail our goals of losing weight or saving money because we fail to see the overall change in our lives. A decision to be healthy will have an impact on our finance, our career, and our social life.

“For example, if you grab fast food for lunch every day, this will harm your health and finance."

Data tracking is the hallmark of the Chizell app. Tracking data gives a better understanding of improvement. But it's not enough to track data, and that's why Chizell takes it farther by rewarding users for achieving and maintaining their health and financial goals, according to Seid.

Currently, Chizell is only available as a web-based app but there are plans to launch the mobile app in coming months.

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