Cherwell and Orca partner to automate software configuration management

Monday May 1, 2017 0 comments Tags: Cherwell Software, Orca, Matthew Peeples, Timothy Wall, Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Orca, a Texas-based leading innovator in software configuration management and release automation solutions, announced a partnership and technology integration with Colorado-based Cherwell Software that slashes configuration change response times by 50% or more.Cherwell_logoUSE

The integration provides unique, end-to-end automation for making changes to the code and configurations of IT infrastructures and applications, the companies said.

Orca said it can automatically detect and fix out-of-compliance application configurations, also known as “configuration drift”, that occur at the application, middleware, database, or operating system level.

Key capabilities of Orca’s integration with Cherwell include: 

  • Automatically identify configuration drift and/or compliance issues
  • Initiate the process to fix the issue
  • Create a Cherwell incident with workflow to secure the necessary approvals prior to fixing the issue
  • Fix the configuration issue
  • Update the Cherwell incident with appropriate detail to close the issue

“The combination of Orca and Cherwell can greatly reduce the time it takes to get application configuration issues resolved,” said Matthew Peeples, Cherwell’s senior director of Enterprise Service Management.

“This increased speed can help make companies more agile, without short circuiting necessary change management processes or required approvals.”

“Most application outages and security incidents are related to configuration issues,” said Timothy Wall, Orca CEO.

“Our integration with Cherwell helps to ensure that configurations are done right the first time and stay locked down, and if they drift it gets detected and resolved quickly and safely.”