Cherwell Software and FireScope deepen strategic partnership, services

Monday March 21, 2016 0 comments Tags: Cherwell Software, FireScope, Leanne Porter, Colorado Springs, Vance Brown, Cherwell Service Management


COLORADO SPRINGS --  Cherwell Software,  a global leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, announced an expanded partnership with  FireScope,  developer of a leading cloud-based enterprise monitoring solution, to provide service dependency mapping to customers.Cherwell_logoUSE

Cherwell said the alliance enables IT organizations to efficiently and accurately discover and map IT service dependencies and then monitor their services. The native integration with the Cherwell Service Management™ platform enables the FireScope® solution to automatically populate and update the Cherwell Service Management configuration management database (CMDB) as services are deployed, modified, or retired -- providing a consistent and always up to date model of critical IT services.

"This partnership signals Cherwell's and FireScope's shared mission of giving IT the tools they need to assume a leadership role within the enterprise,” said Vance Brown, Cherwell CEO.

“Understanding service dependencies helps IT teams to be more proactive and strategic by enabling them to stay ahead of potential issues, plan for change, and more effectively deliver services that the business relies on -- without adding to anyone's workload."

Cherwell said the integration of its Service Management platform and FireScope offers an automated method of identifying configuration items and their relationships, and importing that data into the CMBD.

Manual efforts that use static documents and multiple inventory sources can be daunting and labor-intensive, requiring significant effort and exposing users to risk and inaccuracies, the company said. The IT service view provided through the Cherwell Service Management and FireScope integration enables IT organizations to better understand the risk and impact of planned changes to the infrastructure and reduces costly unplanned system downtime.

"Service dependency mapping is a key aspect of any IT team's ability to truly optimize its service delivery model, elevate the business user experience, and act as a strategic partner to the business,” said Leanne Porter, FireScope CEO.

“Cherwell has a fast-growing and highly engaged customer community, and we look forward to jointly extending Cherwell's IT service management capabilities to provide greater value to the organizations they serve."