Catalyze receives $4.6M investment from Innosphere, Prisma Energy

Thursday March 28, 2019 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Catalyze, Innosphere Fund, Mike Freeman, Prisma Energy, Joel Serface, James Geshwiler, Steve Atherton

FORT COLLINS -- Innosphere Fund and Houston-based Prisma Energy today announced the closing of a $4.6 million initial institutional financing in Boulder-based startup company, Catalyzecatalyze-logo

Catalyze is a renewable energy data analytics, development, and asset management platform that partners with mid-to-large commercial and industrial real estate owners to transform their properties into smart energy infrastructure by designing, delivering, financing, and providing asset management services over its life cycle. 

The smart energy infrastructure includes solar, battery electric storage, electric vehicle charging, and microgrids that improve the profitability, resiliency, and tenant value of commercial properties.

The company said it plans to use the funding to expand their operations, finance, and sales teams.

“The first phase of our business was focused on designing our platform around commercial real estate customer needs,” said Joel Serface, Catalyze CEO.

“This funding paves the way for Catalyze to deliver more projects and more value to more customers, while also making key hires to help scale the business.”

“Catalyze is turning commercial properties into virtual power plants,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere Fund general partner.

“The company has the analytics and leadership to increase commercial real estate performance through renewable energy. The Catalyze team represents the best of what we like to invest in with extensive expertise in renewable development, software, finance, and entrepreneurship.

“The Innosphere Fund is pleased to be able to invest in a company that’s identifying and creating a unique solution targeted to a very large, transitioning market.”

“Prisma Energy is investing into the future of smart energy infrastructure and we believe Catalyze is the platform and the team that can best allow owners and developers of commercial properties to focus on their core business while utilizing Catalyze services and expertise to drive down energy costs and create additional revenue,” said Shawn Cumberland, Prisma partner and managing director.

“We look forward to working with Catalyze to create and finance the next generation of distributed energy infrastructure around commercial and industrial properties.”

Catalyze said it believes commercial real estate can play a major role in addressing the need for energy storage in distribution systems and on real estate sites. The Catalyze platform helps commercial real estate firms to rapidly identify ideal properties to upgrade or acquire, with the intent of deploying smart energy infrastructure.

Their integrated data-driven decision process analyzes energy supply, demand, and network constraints in order to identify optimal locations that, without storage, might otherwise have been unavailable. Catalyze said it serves as an energy services partner, helping to design and finance energy systems, and maximize revenue over the asset life cycle.

Catalyze’s leadership team includes Serface, co-founder and CEO; James Geshwiler, co-founder and COO; and Steve Atherton, co-founder and CTO.