Catalyst HTI celebrates first campus birthday, collaborative environment

Friday August 2, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Catalyst HTI, Mike Biselli

DENVER -- Catalyst HTI, a campus focused on healthcare innovation in Denver’s River North (RiNo) District, recently marked its first birthday.Catalyst_logo

“Years ago I dreamed of the day when a neighborhood would be physically built to convene thought leaders and companies who are dedicated to reimagining healthcare and commit to working together to achieve those goals,” said Mike Biselli, Catalyst HTI president.

“That dream is now reality and already over a year old. And, by the way -- we’re just getting going, with so many incredible partnerships and collaborations already formed.”

Several Catalyst HTI residents expressed praise for the health care campus.

“We bought into Mike’s vision for Catalyst very early on, and we are thrilled to be a part of the community,” said Andrew Altorfer, CirrusMD CEO.

“The cross-pollination that occurs with our healthcare friends and other entrepreneurs creates a lot of opportunities. The building is so nice that we have had major customers (Fortune 100 companies) ask to use our offices to host high-level internal gatherings.”

“I just got done meeting with a major national health system brainstorming partnership ideas in the community café,” said Rachel Dixon, Prime Health executive director.

“Now, I’m headed to a meeting with an investor I met through Catalyst that wants to partner. Later, I have a call with a friend I made here who helped me recruit companies for my innovation challenge from around the world.

“This afternoon I’m helping a neighbor who needs some advice on their startup. Tonight I’m hosting a community event downstairs talking about smart cities and the future of health innovation. It’s a typical Wednesday at Catalyst.” 

“From holding workshops and classes to hosting our Pioneering Summer accelerator at Catalyst, our students at the University of Denver have been challenged to be curious, collaborate, and think big,” said Marty Katz, DU’s Project X-ITE chief innovation officer and executive director.

“We’re proud to be a part of the Catalyst community of out-of-the-box thinkers and do-ers. Happy birthday, Catalyst! Cheers to the future of health innovation and community!” 

“It was clear early on that the Women of Catalyst wanted to come together to join forces to help one another grow and fund their businesses,” said Vanessa McLaughlin, Welcome Home Health CEO and founding member of Women of Catalyst.

“At Catalyst, you can always find someone who can relate, offer advice, lend a shoulder, help you find that next connection, or toast to your success. Together, we’re creating a new normal of what it means to be a woman in health innovation.”

“Building a health-tech startup is like climbing a mountain,” said Patrick Leonard, Sopris Health CEO.

“It can be steep and rocky, storms can pop up, sometimes the trail seems to disappear. But the summit is worth the effort and we reach it together as a community. To be successful we need our community to support each other, share our victories and our defeats. Catalyst is the heart and the home of this community.”

“Our process was stuck with SCL Health until we met personally at Catalyst and identified the hurdles over cups of coffee in the community café,” said Edward Likovich, Nymbl Science CEO.

“By working together through daily contact, we overcame those barriers and started a commercial relationship. Now, older adults in Colorado are empowered to complete balance training in the privacy of their own homes, and Nymbl is one step closer to preventing 1 million falls.”