Can women be angel investors?

Wednesday July 5, 2017 0 comments Tags: Peter Adams, Rockies Venture Club

By Peter Adams

Executive Director

Rockies Venture Club

Women make up the fastest-growing community of angel investors, and it’s changing the face of angel capital for the better.Peter_Adams_photoUSE

Angel groups like Rockies Venture Club have been beating national averages for investing in women and minority-led companies with 54% of our portfolio consisting of women and minority-led companies vs a national average of just 14%.  

But in order to balance the ecosystem it’s important not just to invest in women-led companies, but to engage women angels who can help mentor startups and who can gain experience serving on the board of directors of some of the startups they invest in, thus paving the way for increasing the number of women on corporate boards at all levels.

Research shows that companies with women on boards outperform those with no or few women. Companies with the highest percentages of women on their boards outperform their less-diverse peers by 66%.

We have certainly seen these trends in our portfolio companies and are committed to developing further diversity in our community.

We have launched the RVC Women’s Investors Network (WIN), led by Barbara Bauer. The network has had several well-attended events that focus on angel education and making connections. 

The group is based on four principles that play on women’s strengths:

Engagement: Programs that allow people to work together and share wisdom of crowds to make good decisions and great investments.

Give Back: WIN members have years of business experience and they want to be more than just a check – they like to mentor and coach up-and-coming companies.

Act From Knowledge: Women like to understand the landscape before they jump in and invest. No more “fake it until you make it” – that can cost thousands for new angel investors!

Education: Classes, workshops and “get to know an angel” events provide deep venture capital knowledge to get WIN members up and going quickly and confidently.

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