CaliberMind raises $1.1M to bring psychographic behavioral analytics to B2B

Monday October 31, 2016 0 comments Tags: Boulder, CaliberMind, Pat Spenner, Raviv Turner, Corey Litwin

BOULDER -- CaliberMind, a Boulder-based, predictive marketing SaaS startup, announced the close of a $1.1M seed round.CaliberMind_logo

CEB Ventures, the venture arm of CEB, Colorado-based Meritage Funds, PV Ventures, and Crawley Ventures were among the investors participating in the round.

CaliberMind is a marketing technology platform that uses machine learning and human language analysis to build a 360-degree psychographic persona that can predict a buyer’s behavior.

The company said this unprecedented level of intelligence dramatically improves marketing and sales content for enterprise B2B customers and shortens the sales cycle by 20 to 30 percent.

CaliberMind said it integrates easily with tools including Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua, and already has an impressive roster of Fortune 100 customers including Citrix and NetApp.

CaliberMind said it is the first solution to use natural language and machine learning to unlock the buyer’s mindset and prescribe content for marketing and sales teams.

“CEB's deep research into B2B customer buying behavior reveals that the most effective customer advocates can't be identified by title, role and function,” said Pat Spenner,  CEB’s director of strategic initiatives.

“Rather, they fit specific psychographic and behavioral profiles. CaliberMind's offering leverages customer psychographic data to uncover new insights about customer behavior.

“This enables marketers to target and tailor with a level of precision and effectiveness that simply hasn't been possible before now. The end result: higher sales conversion and higher quality deals.”

The company said its platform uses machine learning and human language analysis to build a 360-degree psychographic persona that can predict a buyer’s behavior. It connects to a customer’s CRM and pulls in voice and email conversations, combining it with data captured by marketing automation tools.

CaliberMind then scours the web for data about a buyer including their social media footprint. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is then applied to analyze and map a company’s entire marketing content library and to prescribe the best-fit content to send each buyer based on their persona.

“Most predictive marketing tools are designed to generate leads but our customers don’t have a leads problem, they have a conversion problem,” said Raviv Turner, CaliberMind’s co-founder and CEO.

“Using CaliberMind, they are seeing results today in terms of increased engagement and demand, and ultimately more sales. This is where CaliberMind excels – at the mid to bottom of the funnel.”

The company was recently named one of the Top 25 Innovative Startups Worldwide by G-Startup.

CaliberMind said this round of funding will expand its data science team and accelerate sales growth. The company’s new VP of sales is Corey Litwin, an enterprise SaaS sales veteran with more than15 years of experience that includes Kapost and Thomson Reuters.