CTA: Colorado on Top 10 list of most innovative states in the nation

Tuesday April 4, 2017 0 comments Tags: Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Colorado is among the 10 best places in the nation for the creation of high-paying jobs and promotion of innovation-friendly policies, according to the Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) 2017 Innovation Scorecard

CTA said Colorado, Maryland, New Hampshire and Washington earned the Scorecard's top designation of Innovation Champion for the first time, joining returning champions Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Utah and Virginia.consumer-technology-logo

"States are the laboratories of democracy, and right now we have 50 experiments happening across the country with each state working to grow their economy and be home to the next big idea," said Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO.

"As they seek ways to drive growth and encourage homegrown entrepreneurs, state legislatures and governors should look to the innovation-friendly policies and best practices outlined in this report that advance job creation, fuel local economies and drive a state's bottom line."

Colorado’s selection as an Innovation Champion was based on a variety of criteria, including business-friendly tax policies, strong job and small business growth, fast Internet speeds and a 269,000-person tech workforce.

According to the report, job creation is bouncing back across the country, while American entrepreneurship is on the decline.

"While the economy is growing and adding jobs, the decline in entrepreneurship is alarming," said Shapiro. "Now is the time for states to start modernizing their laws to ensure startups have access to capital, minimal red tape and other low barriers to entry.

“History has proven that young entrepreneurial companies are the driving force of the economy. Each state needs to develop an innovation agenda if they want to be home to the next big technological revolution that will improve lives and create jobs."

"The technology sector supports more than 15 million American jobs and accounts for more than 10 percent of U.S. GDP," said Shapiro. "State policies that drive innovation are critical to our nation's economic growth."

To see the full report and read state-by-state profiles, visit CTA's interactive website at www.cta.tech/scorecard.