CSG teams with Colorado Smart Cities Alliance to advance tech innovation

Tuesday August 11, 2020 Tags: Greenwood Village, CSG, Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, Alfred Binford, Tyler Svitak

GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS) today announced it has joined the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.

In doing so, the company said it brings its leadership, experience and innovation across customer engagement and digital monetization technologies to support the Alliance and its member companies.csg-logo 

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is a statewide coalition of Colorado municipalities, leading private sector technology companies, educational and research institutions, and philanthropic institutions focused on solving complex societal issues through innovation and partnership.

Alliance members seek to improve quality of life within Colorado’s diverse communities by building relationships across sectors and jurisdictions to pilot and scale new technologies.

Joining the Alliance is a natural extension of CSG’s work advancing smart city initiatives with customers worldwide and to its home state of Colorado, the company said.

To support the alliance and its members, CSG said it will advise, consult, and co-develop technology solutions to help Colorado municipalities and businesses across multiple verticals fuel innovation, grow revenue and foster development in a sustainable manner.

“Colorado is at the forefront of leveraging technology to improve mobility, while developing infrastructure in a smart and sustainable fashion,” said Alfred Binford, head of CSG’s Americas business.

“We are excited to work with the Smart Cities Alliance and business leaders across our home state of Colorado to share best practices and deploy innovative technology that improves the quality of life for all Coloradoans.”

Alliance members will benefit from CSG’s experience deploying large-scale, complex solutions to solve their business challenges, while supporting their digital transformation objectives.

This includes leveraging CSG Ascendon, an award-winning, SaaS cloud-based platform, purpose-built to facilitate a multitude of use cases for smart cites and businesses.

It also includes the ability to address multiple new business models that companies and municipalities are deploying to help them evolve into a digital services-based architecture, leveraging technologies such as 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence.

"The challenges facing cities today are so complex that no one city, company or research institution can solve them on their own," said Tyler Svitak, executive director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.

"This complexity requires the type of cross-jurisdictional, public/private collaboration that we facilitate through the Alliance. The global reach of technology partners like CSG allows us to focus the leading solutions, expertise, and people on solving the difficult problems facing our state, like affordable housing, mobility, public safety, and equity.

“We are honored to have them in our corner as we work to fundamentally improve quality of life for Coloradoans."