CSG joins Innovation Corridor accelerator to help global development of smart cities

Friday October 16, 2020 Tags: Englewood, CSG, Innovation Corridor, Alfred Binford, Eric Drummond

ENGLEWOOD -- CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS) announced it has joined the Innovation Corridor, a global technology and innovation accelerator.csg-logo 

With this move, CSG said it will work with Innovation Corridor partners including national labs, government, research universities and entrepreneurs, to support the transformation of municipalities into “smart cities” using innovative technologies such as IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence.

This new partnership affords the Innovation Corridor and its member companies the opportunity to tap into CSG’s 35 years of leadership in revenue management, digital services monetization, and customer experience capabilities to help them capitalize on new business models and digitally enable their customer experiences.

CSG is a pioneer in developing and deploying IoT and 5G monetization solutions to help companies around the world maximize the opportunities created from new communication technologies.

Part of CSG’s Revenue and Customer Management suite of end-to-end capabilities, the solutions support more than 500 companies globally, providing them with flexible and configurable technology solutions that help them monetize and digitally enable their customer experiences.

CSG said it will also help the Innovation Corridor advance the creation of intelligent buildings, deploy advanced energy systems, and leverage national lab supercomputers to engage in digital twin modeling and product optimization.

“CSG is pleased to join the Innovation Corridor to encourage collaboration, innovation and integration across the smart city technology ecosystem,” said Alfred Binford, head of CSG’s Americas business.

“As municipalities look to improve the lives of their citizens with smart services and enhanced connectivity, CSG is excited to lend its expertise in helping them generate revenue from new digital services, while improving the delivery of those services to their citizens and businesses.”

The Innovation Corridor is a global consortium of premier national labs with high-performance supercomputers, local governmental entities and international government agencies, research universities and entrepreneurs, Fortune 100, and other enterprise partners.

The organization works with its partners to accelerate the design and deployment of high-impact, lifesaving, smart cities-related technologies and solutions.

"The Innovation Corridor is a strong believer in connecting highly sought-after resources and unique partners," said Eric Drummond, Innovation Corridor founder and CEO.

"Together, the Corridor, its world-class partners and CSG will work together to design and deploy cutting-edge solutions that will dramatically foster the integration of advanced technologies within smart cities.”