CLMBR introduces first connected vertical climbing machine with on-demand instructor-led classes and modern, ergonomic design

Wednesday September 16, 2020 0 comments Tags: Denver, Clmbr

DENVER -- CLMBR announced the release of two new vertical climbing machines that combine state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology: CLMBR Connected for the home and CLMBR Pure for commercial use.Clmbr-logo 

As at-home fitness continues to flourish, both CLMBR machines are the first to offer a state-of-the-art companion app to display key metrics, including vertical feet climbed and workout targets reached, to maximize the user's experience.

CLMBR features a radically new design free of the typical central shaft found on other climbers. This open design allows the user to look out and maintain the correct body position without being inches away from the monitor.

By reinventing the existing climbing machine, CLMBR said it is not only helping raise awareness of the benefits of climbing but also revolutionizing the way people work out.

CLMBR Connected gives users the efficiency and excitement of group climbing classes through its on-demand library and community-based challenges -- perfect for homes, offices, and multi- unit housing complexes, the company said.

The climbing machine features an integrated audio system that can fill an entire room, enhancing the user experience and eliminating the need to buy expensive speakers for at-home use.

Engineered with high-quality industrial grade materials, both CLMBR machines include durable Kevlar-reinforced belts, which require little to no maintenance.

The machine's critical parts are easily accessible, allowing for simple maintenance if necessary. It has an upright structure and small footprint, making it an ideal fit even for compact spaces.

Built with a lightweight aluminum frame and integrated wheels, the portable CLMBR is very easy to move.

The CLMBR Pure commercial model features a smaller touch display that comes with engaging guided climbs and climbing challenges.

It also displays metrics such as total vertical feet climbed, elevation, power, tempo, and unique notifications when workout targets have been reached.

This progress tracking element keeps people motivated and helps to maximize the user experience. Its 8-hour battery life makes it ideal for functional fitness spaces where mobility is key.

Both versions of CLMBR for home and commercial use are now available for pre-order at for a $500 deposit and will ship in winter 2020/2021.