BridgeView enhances technology consulting to complement award-winning staffing services

Monday April 26, 2021 0 comments Tags: Denver, Bridgeview, Tim Glennie, Chris Beisler

DENVER -- To better meet the needs of its clients, BridgeView announced an enhanced set of service offerings -- Management Consulting and Solutions -- that will complement their existing staffing services.Bridgeview-logo 

 “The creation of our two new practices was born out of client demand to have access to multiple service offerings from a single partner,” said Tim Glennie, co-founder and managing partner. 

“Many clients have had issues working with a bespoke model to provide staffing, consulting, and solution resources. There is rarely alignment and communication with multiple vendors which results in extra costs and missed deadlines for clients. 

“Our model provides consistent service, communication, and pricing to address these client needs.”

BridgeView’s Management Consulting practice delivers strategic project collaboration by granting clients access to Big-5 quality consultants with expertise and skills that span many industries, technologies, and functions. 

These are local leaders who partner with client teams on projects and/or lead fully outsourced teams to deliver on a client’s most critical strategic initiatives. They think strategically and deliver tactically, providing top-tier consulting expertise at mid-market rates, BridgeView said.

As the company’s most robust service offering, BridgeView’s Solutions practice builds upon the Management Consulting practice by adding technical project delivery and adoption. This service helps build out project teams to partner with a client’s team while also providing fully managed project delivery focused in the areas of Cloud Enablement, Agile Transformation, and Digital Engineering. 

In order to best deliver the Management Consulting and Solutions practices to the market, BridgeView hired industry-veteran and original general manager of Slalom’s Denver office, Rob Kuhta. 

“I’ve seen the inside of Big-5 consulting firms,” said Kuhta. “While they can achieve success for businesses in the short-term, they don’t have the dedication to the local market nor the flexibility that BridgeView offers. 

“Our consultants are seasoned professionals who live in Denver and care about the community, and whether a client needs an individual consultant leader or an entire team, we’re poised to deliver the exact level of support required.”

With the enhancement of their consulting service offerings, BridgeView said its Elevated Staffing services are not being modified in any way. BridgeView has delivered technology staffing solutions to clients for over 15 years and plans to continue delivering the same high-level staffing services that clients have come to expect, the company said.

Combined, BridgeView said its end-to-end staffing and consulting practices set it apart as a one-stop shop for anyone in the Denver technology industry searching for ways to take their hiring, processes, or product to the next level.

“Serving the great technology companies of Denver is a rewarding experience, and we will do what it takes to enable success for this area’s businesses,” said Chris Beisler, BridgeView co-founder and managing partner. 

“This is our home, and we know that our enhanced technology consulting offerings will pair well with our proven staffing services to solve any problems a company could encounter.”