BridgeSat receives $10M Boeing investment to build optical ground stations

Tuesday September 11, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, BridgeSat, Boeing, NASA

DENVER -- BridgeSat is receiving a $10 million investment from Boeing to scale up the company’s global network of optical ground stations, according to a story in the Denver Business Journal.bridgesat-logo

“This partnership will help us lead the digital transition in satellites with technology that provides next-generation capabilities for our customers,” said Brian Schetler, managing director of Boeing Horizon X Ventures, in a statement.

Founded in 2015, BridgeSat uses laser technology to communicate with orbiters in space.

The company recently signed an industry-first deal with NASA to develop a commercialized “free-space optical communication system” to support future NASA missions, according to the story.

BridgeSat’s first ground station in the California Sierra Nevada mountains is set to go online in 2018 with plans to establish nine more globally through 2019, the DBJ story said.