Brendle Group announces launch of Net Zero Water

Wednesday September 2, 2015 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Brendle Group, Judy Dorsey, Net Zero Water Initi, Barb Martin


FORT COLLINS -- Sustainability engineering and planning firm Brendle Group   announced it is spearheading the Net Zero Water Initiative and launched the first-of-its-kind building-scale software toolkit to achieve water neutrality.Brendle_Group_logoUSE

The company said drought intensifying across western North America and a changing climate means less water for growing populations, companies, organizations with communities increasingly facing risks and uncertainties for their water resources.

But the tools to comprehensively assess current water use and quality, examine reduction scenarios, and take action have been lacking, according to Brendle Group, and the Net Zero Water Initiative fills this gap.

Net Zero Water is a first-of-its-kind water management concept that builds off the principles of net zero energy and climate neutrality, the company said.  Net Zero Water -- or being water neutral -- means using only as much water as falls on a site and eliminating all water quality impacts from that site.

In essence, Net Zero Water focuses on understanding one’s water footprint and taking action to reduce consumption and improve water quality whether as a building owner, company, school campus or community.

“Net Zero Water addresses an important gap in the water resource management conversation because of the resources it provides supporting sustainable water use amidst today’s many water challenges,” said Barb Martin, senior manager at American Water Works Association and Technical Advisory Group member for the Net Zero Water Initiative.

“The Net Zero Water building-scale toolkit is a useful tool because it provides a framework allowing organizations of all sizes to easily assess and improve site water usage to achieve their goals.”

To launch the Net Zero Water initiative, a user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based analysis tool and companion guidebook (Net Zero Water Planning Toolkit) were developed with the help of a national project team, sponsors, and technical advisory group.

“The idea for Net Zero Water came from client requests for something akin to net zero energy and carbon neutrality, but for water,” said Brendle Group President Judy Dorsey. “It’s very fulfilling to see Net Zero Water mature from a concept, to a strategic company initiative, and now to a collaboratively developed, actionable tool that’s utilized in the field.”

Brendle Group’s building-scale Planning Toolkit and companion guidebook are available for free download at: