Boomtown Demo Day showcases latest startup class as Boulder Startup Week 2015 wraps up

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BOULDER -- Nine new graduates of the Boomtown Boulder  startup accelerator pitched their business models before a crowd of investors and enthusiastic supporters on Friday at a packed Boulder Theater, offering a variety of amazing ideas to the world.Demo_inside1FIXED

Boomtown Demo Day was the final main event of Boulder Startup Week, which began Monday and concluded Friday with more than 120 workshops, speakers, presentations and networking sessions spread mostly across the city’s core.

Called the “big reveal,” Demo Day was a chance for the two-year-old accelerator’s latest class of startups to showcase their investment and market potential.

Kelly Dotseth, co-founder of Visibl, said the company offers a video marketing platform that can precisely target audiences for small businesses that can’t afford the $10,000 or more a month to hire an ad agency.

“Today, small businesses can only cross their fingers and hope people will watch their videos,” she said. “We have taken that $10K barrier and knocked it down to $40.”

Dotseth said Visibl is able to “hyper target” video audiences for each client. “When you put this kind of video in front of them that specifically appeals to them, they respond to it.”

Jordan Skole, co-founder of Benchmark Intelligence, said his company offers an analytics dashboard for retail chains to better understand why some locations make more money than others.

The platform uses demographics, traffic patterns, social data and other factors to determine the positive and negatives of each location. Skole said the company already is talking to Burger King, Applebee’s and Larkburger and began generating revenue within a week of launching last month.

Adam Geiger, co-founder of Wudup, said the company offers a mobile live video stream that pairs users for 30-second video conversations to make new friends and more authentic connections.

Geiger said research shows 54 percent of online dating users complain that the people they meet online in static messages misrepresent who they are.

“A 30-second video chat starts the process,” he said. “It saves time and is a fun and addictive experience. We’re connecting people with people – not with profiles.”Boomtown_logoUSE

Violet Alexandre, co-founder of Fabriq, said the company’s personal safety platform integrates smart safety features into apps and wearables already in use.

“We live in an uncertain world,” she said. “Fabriq integrates into any app or wearable to connect with your loved ones wherever they are.”

In any potentially dangerous situation, Fabriq sends out automatic alerts and calls are issued if help is needed.

Mithaq Kazimi, co-founder of Audienced, said his company’s platform is a revolution in how events are planned by ensuring there will be an audience before the event is finalized, saving possible losses to organizers.

“Organizing events entails a lot of risk and uncertainty,” he said. “We call it a launchpad for experiences.”

Stephen Weigel, co-founder of MailDeck, said the company’s email app and software development kit can help video advertisers on mobile apps better engage with mobile email users.

“The videos start automatically, which reduces the friction of engagement” by requiring fewer clicks or taps to start the video.

“It’s a better and more engaging experience for the consumer and a moneymaker for brands,” he said.

Paul King, co-founder of Stafr, said the company’s app can provide “event staffing on demand” for the events industry that is less expensive and more reliable than Craigslist or staffing agencies.

“Within 15 minutes of posting a job, (a company) has a pool of applicants to choose from,” he said.Demo_inside2

King said the company has already assembled a pool of 16,000 event staff freelancers and is building a “funnel” to channel requests sent to Craigslist directly to Stafr.

Nik Kumar, co-founder of Simply Called, said the company’s mobile app can make calls to customer service simpler for the caller and the call center.

“Customer service is broken both for the customer and the call center,” Kumar said, noting the often frustrating and unsatisfying systems used today.

“We have patented technology that shows the problem without having to talk to a (customer service) representative,” he said.

Dara King, co-founder of Feedbac, said the startup offers a platform that helps brands and agencies drive results through better video delivery.

“It helps brands get video into the conversation faster,” she said. “Feedbac helps brands create video for the Next Big Thing.”

Friday’s class was the third graduated by Boomtown since it was founded in 2013 by media, marketing and tech veterans Alex Bogusky, Toby Krout, Stephen Growth and Jose Vieitez.

Boomtown offers each selected startup a $20K investment, office space in downtown Boulder, expert mentoring and other business resources.

Boomtown is now accepting applications for its 12-week Fall 2015 class until June 1.

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