Bongo acquires consulting company SLIDE21

Friday April 5, 2019 0 comments Tags: Loveland, Bongo, SLIDE21, Josh Kamrath, Glenn Brule

LOVELAND -- Bongo announced it has acquired SLIDE21, an Ottawa-based consulting company that specializes in Agile team development, Scrum training and certification, and business analysis.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.bongo-logo

The two companies were partners prior to the acquisition, with Bongo’s video assessment solution powering the experiential learning and skill evaluation portions of SLIDE21’s programs.

“We are extremely excited to acquire SLIDE21 and further align our business goals to advance the training and certification marketplace,” said Josh Kamrath, Bongo CEO.

“Bringing (SLIDE21 owner and CEO) Glenn Brûlé’s expertise in-house will only help us leverage our technology in more impactful ways moving forward.”

Brûlé has 25 years of experience as a Certified Business Analyst Professional and Scrum Master to his new role as VP of Strategic Partnerships at Bongo. The Shu Ha Rai program he created focuses on the development of high-performing teams. It is based on principles of servant leadership, experience-led training, business intelligence, and AI, and uses Bongo’s patented video assessment technology for interactive learning at every stage of the professional development process.

SLIDE21 will continue to independently offer its innovative programs and methodologies with support and additional resources from its new parent company. Bongo will remain a video assessment technology provider and continue to partner with industry-leading companies to enable experiential learning and soft skill development at scale.

When Brûlé and Bongo’s leadership team considered the shifting skills demands in many industries and the current soft skills gap that exists among workers, they agreed that it was the right time to tackle professional development and agility in the workplace together.  

“Bongo and SLIDE21 had perfect synergy from the beginning—shared values, shared vision, and the audacity to believe that more is possible in business and in life,” Brûlé said.

“Our goal is to make Bongo synonymous with video assessment technology, and SLIDE21’s Shu Ha Ri program synonymous with high-performing teams. With Bongo’s young, visionary CEO teaching this old dog a few new tricks, we might just get there. Welcome to your future.”