Biodesix and MRM Proteomics partner to develop precision lung cancer diagnostics

Tuesday January 29, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Biodesix, MRM Proteomics, Scott Hutton, lung cancer

BOULDER -- Biodesix and Canada-based MRM Proteomics Inc. announced they will partner to create novel assays to answer critical clinical questions within the lung cancer continuum of care.Biodesix_logoUSE

Under terms of the deal, MRM Proteomics will grant Biodesix rights to utilize its proprietary iMALDI technologies to further advance its blood-based lung cancer diagnostics.

Both companies share a commitment to advancing precision medicine’s accuracy and accessibility to cancer patients.

“Examining a patient’s genomic data has advanced targeted therapies,” said Christoph Borchers, MRM’s CSO.

“However, proteins are the targets of most drugs and hold the key to unlocking the promise of precision medicine. Biodesix is a natural partner for our proteomic technology, because they are committed to a multi-omics approach to reveal a more complete molecular profile of lung cancer in the body.

“We believe that this partnership will produce much-needed advances in the proteomic space and lead to more precise lung cancer diagnostic tools that can help guide treatment decisions.”

Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. The ability to diagnose cancer at an early stage can improve overall survival rates. Precision diagnostic tools are needed to give patients and clinicians accurate, timely information. The MRM Proteomics/Biodesix partnership underscores the role of proteomics in delivering these tools, the companies said.

“Elevating the importance of proteomics in revealing the full complexity of cancer is critical to getting patients the right treatment at the right time,” said Scott Hutton, Biodesix COO.

“MRM Proteomics is a leader in providing technologies that can help us unleash this potential.”