BioServe Space Technologies at CU to launch two biomedical experiments Sunday

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BOULDER -- A SpaceX Dragon mission set to launch Sunday to the International Space Station will include two biomedical experiments supported by BioServe Space Technologies headquartered in CU-Boulder’s Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences.BioServe_Space_logoUSE

It will mark the 50th space mission flown by BioServe since it was founded by NASA in 1987.

One of the experiments is designed to better understand cell biology by charting the behavior of yeast cell cultures in microgravity. Because yeast colonies are similar to mammalian cell tumors, researchers hope to identify biological factors that may contribute to understanding health risks for human space crews and tumor behavior that could eventually benefit patients on Earth.

The other experiment is designed to help researchers better understand the mechanisms of molecular transport across tiny membrane channels. The experiment could help scientists learn more about the release of molecules and drugs from human implants that could be used to treat a variety of diseases.

“We are excited to be flying once again on the SpaceX Dragon to the International Space Station,” said Stefanie Countryman, BioServe’s business development manager.

“We have partnered with SpaceX now on seven missions and we feel that biomedical experiments like the ones we are flying have the potential to have a positive health impact for both spacefarers and people on Earth.”


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