Avnet joins Catalyst HTI campus in Denver

Friday February 15, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Catalyst HTI, Avnet, Mike Biselli, Lou Lutostanski

DENVER -- Catalyst HTI announced Avnet, a leading global technology solutions provider, is joining the medical ecosystem located in the River North district (RiNo) in Denver.avnet-logo  

“Healthcare innovators need a smart, collaborative partner – one that can help them build a solid business case and also provide the resources, training and support to execute on it,” said Lou Lutostanski, global VP of IoT for Avnet.

“Being located within the Catalyst HTI ecosystem demonstrates Avnet’s commitment to developing innovative IoT-enabled healthcare solutions,” said Lou Lutostanski, global vice president of IoT for Avnet.

“Through our unique end-to-end ecosystem, we help solve IoT engineering design and development challenges for healthcare customers of all sizes and at every stage of the product lifecycle, from device to insights.”

Every day, healthcare is changing people’s lives with the ability to detect health issues early and deliver effective and personalized treatment options. Today, Avnet has the capability to design, make, supply and deliver for customers of every size in every corner of the world – whether the product is still a notion on a napkin, in mass production or at any point in between.

Avnet enables customers to get to market quickly with nearly a century of technology expertise and long-standing relationships with leading global companies.

“We are thrilled to have Avnet join us as we continue to expand a supportive ecosystem focusing on re-imagining healthcare,” said Mike Biselli, Catalyst HTI president and health-tech entrepreneur.

“Avnet brings a very broad and diverse technology expertise to our ecosystem to assist in furthering healthcare innovation.”