At the Epicenter rebranding to Regenerative Rising

Friday September 4, 2020 0 comments Tags: Longmont, Regenerative Rising, At the Epicenter

LONGMONT -- At The Epicenter is rebranding to Regenerative Rising.

In 2010, At The Epicenter began as a speaker series based in Boulder, bringing inspirational leaders from the natural and organic product industry to speak toentrepreneurs seeking to build brands that were good for the planet and people.Regenerative-logo 

In 2016, ATE set its north star on the rise of regeneration. In the following years, ATE has produced three Regenerative Earth Summits, two Women Leading Regeneration Summits, multiple workshops at Expo West and B Corp Champion Retreats, gathering thousands of professionals into a growing global community across industry sectors that are using the power of business to elevate regenerative principles.

In 2018, ATE launched the Regenerative Voices Elevating Stories Activating Change podcast series and in 2020, added a live online Q&A with podcast guests, growing a community of innovators and activators.

ATE celebrates brands setting out to improve soil health by partnering with farmers, increase water and resource restoration, transform supply chain transparency, reduce carbon emissions and, most importantly, create shared prosperity for all stakeholders in the agricultural system.

There is a broad understanding of ‘why’ we need regeneration, but ‘how’ it can be expressed is still emerging. Regenerative Rising said it will continue to support business to lead the effort to heal our Earth by transforming to agricultural systems that contribute to the wellbeing of people and place through our summits, working groups, resource development and community support this fall and beyond.

The Regenerative Rising team includes Seleyn DeYarus, Nancy Coulter-Parker, David Hauser, Tay Lotte and Heather Elzinga.