Armis Biopharma announces launch of ArmiClenz disinfectant of surface bacteria, viruses

Wednesday June 3, 2020 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Armis Biopharma, ArmiClenz, Ted Ziemann

FORT COLLINS -- Armis Biopharma Inc. announced the launch of a new surface disinfectant called ArmiClenz, which is registered with the EPA and is effective against most harmful bacteria and viruses that dwell on surfaces in homes, offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, gyms, shopping centers, airports, car interiors, airplanes, and food production and retail facilities.Armis-logo 

ArmiClenz is also safe to use to sanitize fruits and vegetables and is environmentally friendly. It will initially be available to businesses and institutions and to retail for sale to the public.

The product can be ordered by emailing [email protected].

"The current coronavirus pandemic has made people recognize the urgent need to reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses where we live, eat, work, play and care for our loved ones," said Ted Ziemann, Armis chair and CEO.

"ArmiClenz addresses that need by killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces in our environment."

ArmiClenz can be sprayed on non-porous surfaces to disinfect or sprayed on fruits and vegetables to sanitize prior to eating by following labeled instructions, the company said.