ArcherDX launches B Cell Receptor sequencing assays for immune repertoire characterization

Wednesday May 17, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, ArcherDx, Jason Myers, Brian Kudlow

BOULDER -- ArcherDX, a leader in NGS-based fusion assays, today announced the release of Archer® Immunoverse™ B Cell Receptor (BCR) assays to characterize the human B cell repertoire.archerdx-logo

The assays expand the cadre of Archer immune repertoire sequencing assays and complements the Immunoverse T Cell Receptor assays launched last year, the company said.

ArcherDX announced the B cell repertoire-sequencing assays at Immunology 2017, the annual global immunology conference that began last weekend in Washington, DC. 

Archer DX said Immunoverse BCR kits are targeted NGS assays that utilize patented Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry for open-ended amplification with molecular-barcoded (MBC) adapters.

These adapters are ligated to RNA prior to amplification, enabling post-sequencing de-duplication and error correction.

"Recent publications have demonstrated that primer bias from opposing primer-based enrichment can result in a gross misrepresentation of clonal frequencies," said Jason Myers, ArcherDX CEO.

"Our AMP-based approach more accurately represents the immune repertoire by using molecular barcode-based de-duplication to eliminate PCR bias."

Once libraries are sequenced, Archer Analysis reports isotype and subclass information for all detected clonotypes along with the somatic hypermutation status for the most frequent clones.

"Our BCR assay allows us to identify and report IGHV mutation status, which is critical for researchers studying chronic lymphocytic leukemia," said Brian Kudlow, ArcherDX VP of research and development.

Immunoverse BCR assays include kits for IGH, IGK, and IGL provided in 8-reaction kits that use lyophilized reagents to minimize user error, contamination and hands-on time, the company said.

Flexible input requirements from as little as 25ng RNA from PBMC, FFPE or fresh frozen tissue make the assay suitable for a wide range of applications, the company said.

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