Applied Spectral Imaging and KromaTiD announce strategic partnership

Friday April 9, 2021 Tags: Longmont, KromaTid, David Sebesta, Applied Spectral Imaging

LONGMONT/CARLSBAD, Calif. -- KromaTiD and California-based Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) announced they have entered into a strategic commercial partnership, granting ASI worldwide rights to market KromaTiD's proprietary Pinpoint FISH™ (PPF) probes and assay services.Kromatid_logoUSE

PPF is used by researchers around the world to directly analyze unique and small genomic targets in tissues, microarrays, and dissociated cells.  

KromaTiD currently provides commercial dGH and PPF products and services to industry, institutional and academic researchers assessing the integrity of engineered cells, as well as researchers visualizing novel genomic structural variants in oncology and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

"ASI's imaging and analysis platform GenASIs will provide automation, advanced algorithms and image analysis capabilities to realize the full potential of the PPF technology" said Limor Shiposh, ASI CEO. 

"ASI is excited to partner with KromaTiD and complete the existing offering with unique set of high-quality probes.”

The combined availability of the ASI and KromaTiD technology platforms will benefit clinical laboratories, companies and research institutions, enhancing their capabilities to perform comprehensive genomic structural measurements and improve diagnostic accuracy.

"With this partnership, ASI's customers will have new tools at their disposal to distinguish and differentiate genomic structural features that could be drivers of diseases,” said Dr. David Sebesta, KromaTiD’s COO.

“KromaTiD will provide probes for common oncology and rare disease targets, as well as work with any researcher or clinical lab using ASI's powerful imaging platform to develop the highest resolution FISH assays available in the industry."