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Van_Eron_header By Bill Van Eron

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Van-Eron-graphic-8-31-20 Forever, most of us accepted our journey to achieve mastery and hopefully lead others to achieve a higher value.

That was going well when change rates were low and employees felt appreciated. Same with customers and others key to enabling success. As an older, yet still a very forward-thinking human being, today’s rapid rate of change befuddles leaders holding on to outdated approaches, while enabling greater shared significance to more of us as a well overdue advantage I see as underway and soon a frenzy. I recall sudden frenzies, such as when the Hula Hoop gained attention, or even when Elvis greeted a rather conventional world to shake, rattle and roll it beyond our status quo limitations. Finally, we have what will be a frenzy of trust & inclusion. A major gap has grown where “bosses” stop vital progress with risk aversion, and values-based doers rise above status quo obstacles to shape more trusted, inclusive brands while leaders keep the bulk of the proceeds others created. That has to change now. Are you up to it!

History, offers so much value, despite our imperfections. Those of us that experienced the values that more of us stood up for, never hesitated to embrace the diversity of our nation as our advantage.

Yet, the true character to put one's life on the line to defend our nation should have been recognized and supported across all forms of diversity equally. I long for the day when our equality and unique gifts as human beings get as much or more attention than technology alone. At times we see the trappings in others without self-reflection to our own. Our national & global society all need a better way to relate to others, reason through differences, versus letting any one political party divide us. As they say, "United we stand. Divided we fall". All Americans across our full diversity should see through the lies and manipulative deceit or we lose everything. Not a time for bias or naivete with democracy at stake.

As a spiritual person, I value the teachings of Christ, while not confident religion best reflects the lessons we all should practice by doing what's right versus just saying the words superficially.

God made us all equals as part of a global ecosystem we have failed to be effective stewards to learn from, protect, and value. Nature itself is very diverse and all species thrive when the balance is in order. When will all of our humankind join nature as members who earn that value? I pray soon as the deliberate ignorance of our highest expertise - scientists - in exchange for looking the other way when violators continue to do so, is just a small sign of the chaos ahead. Is God depriving us of the things we took for granted? That is the ultimate test for humanity if we stand up in unity to a purpose we share.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

After generations of me, me, me, has fostered greed, control, mistrust, stress, risk aversion, and inattention to others beyond the corporate agenda to sell, sell, sell, serious positive change is well overdue. What we see as wrong in government also exists in the larger businesses. Both need a serious refresh of how success is really achieved across their internal & external stakeholder ecosystem. Sure, many speak to the lifetime value of their customers and research them as a stalker would, versus staying genuine to the actions and values that earn trust and greater relevance.

There is good news, albeit decades after I saw and acted on it progressively for 25 years at HP, especially between 1990 & 2000, their greatest collective growth years.

Longtime valued research firms, such as McKinsey and Harvard Business Review, and others are finally acknowledging the critical importance of our enabled humanity across our stakeholder ecosystems. The Wall Street Journal confirmed that some of the 188 top CEOs are serious and some just saying the words, yet none knew how to proceed. I keep going, versus retiring, as I know my rare insights can help people at all levels, all industries and especially across our diversity to recognize, grow and apply our attributes to shape work that enables us to shape lives and businesses that matter. Likewise, a wealth of transformation solution firms popped up, yet with a documented 75% failure rate for what is now an absolute necessity to transform. I expect to model the new agility and proven insights more likely from one who has done the lions share of what all need to do now to succeed by shaping and earning progressive relevance. I also hope to help those solution providers who live by what they preach, as words and a smile don't cut it.

Have faith, as a major wave of positive change is approaching the shores that forthright organizations will soon embrace.

I help lead or catalyze this where I can and where the interest is legitimate as the first dozen companies helped, will again raise the bar of earned significance, all others will feel the need to emulate. I am finally finding rare resources in Colorado as we value overdue positive change while cognizant as to how to best catalyze it in others. Stay tuned as my next 5 blogs will touch on how all this is connected versus outdated efforts to isolate single factors. If you can’t see the system up front, and how it shapes relevancy you will fall way short. It is key to how our human attributes best enable us to see what really matters and make it happen. I will also cover why design thinking, value creation and systems thinking are the mindset and skills missing in 98% of C-Suite, Boards and Functional effectiveness per integrated & conscious skillsets all, so far benefit from.

That’s huge!

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron. Universal quotes have a way of inspiring us throughout life and work. "Innovation always finds a way" and "Time waits for no one" has increased significantly. The more people apply their real value, the sooner we can bypass this long risk-aversion that has stymied corporate innovation too long. Bill still applies Headwaters Marketing to help companies to shape next-gen living brands while he is less focused on doing marketing than creating that foundation that is crucial to sales, leadership, marketing, PR & HR to finally matter again. He is also advising innovators to shape more consciously compelling solutions and has earned the attention of several major players who now recognize rare impact talent, Bill hopes to help others master before the need explodes in value. There is no competition when what we seek to do honestly benefits all of us.