Ampt string optimizers deployed by Rosendin Electric boost performance of utility-scale PV system 

Tuesday March 13, 2018 Tags: Fort Collins, Ampt, Ampt String Optimizers

FORT COLLINS -- Ampt LLC, and San Jose, Calif.-based   Rosendin  Electric  today announced they have deployed string optimizers in an existing utility-scale PV plant to repower the system and increase ROI.Ampt_logoUSE

The repowering project and associated case study are featured in a webinar published by Greentech Media.  

Repowering refers to upgrading the performance of an existing PV system. The performance of PV power plants naturally decreases over time as PV modules degrade.

Ampt, a leader in power conversion technology for solar power plant optimization, and Rosendin Electric, one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S., are using string optimizers to improve the performance of aging systems while achieving a high return on investment.

"By the end of this year [2017], there is going to be 400 GW of installed solar globally, the majority of which are utility-scale solar plants, which are the prime candidates for string optimization,” said Scott Moskowitz, GTM Research senior analyst.

Ampt string optimizers use the company's patented technology to mitigate system degradation and deliver more energy. The optimizers are deployed on existing cables and combiners to ensure a simple repowering solution.

When inverter replacements are needed, Ampt optimizers are used to adapt older systems to lower-cost, modern inverters to avoid the cost of legacy inverters that are no longer available or to avoid needing expensive rewiring and retrenching.

Rosendin Electric uses Ampt string optimizers as part of its turnkey repowering solution. For the project case study featured in the GTM webinar, Rosendin Electric deployed string optimizers in a five-year-old, utility-scale PV plant owned and operated by AES Distributed Energy, Inc. (AES DE).

AES DE provided analysis of the performance data before and after optimizer installation. The results demonstrate Ampt string optimizers delivering a 10.2% performance improvement with a 31% ROI and 3.2-year investment payback.

Ampt said the project provides a compelling financial case based on the increase in energy without having to replace the existing central inverters.

The GTM webinar details the joint Ampt and Rosendin Electric repowering of the AES DE project. Additionally, the webinar highlights the three ways Ampt string optimizers are used to repower existing PV systems, including inverter upgrades, to improve system performance and increase ROI.

To access the webinar, Using String Optimizers to Repower Existing PV Systems and Enable Low-Cost Inverter Upgrades, click on the GTM website.