Amadeus Consulting offers startups free help designing biz software

Wednesday May 18, 2016 0 comments Tags: Amadeus Consulting, Boulder, Lisa Calkins, ID-GEM

BOULDER -- Amadeus Consulting, a provider of software strategy and development services, today announced a special offer to help late-stage startup firms identify and include key business value as part of the upfront software development planning process.Amadeus_logoUSE

Amadeus said it will select five companies that complete a short online questionnaire outlining current software project challenges and provide a free two-hour consulting session that leads business and technical stakeholders through a discovery process designed to address the “planning gap” as outlined in the company’s recently announced ID-GEM planning framework.

Funded tech startup firms can submit a questionnaire here:

“We know that startups have a narrow margin of error when designing software that brings business ideas to life,” said Lisa Calkins, founder and CEO of Amadeus.

“We created the ID-GEM business value planning process to help organizations, from startups to Fortune 1000, consider the right questions before any technical decisions or coding begins. “As we are offering this process as essentially an open-source tool to the industry, we wanted to make some of our best thinkers available to startups here in Colorado and nationally.”

Amadeus said as organizations of all types need to build software faster under increasingly complex conditions, a significant planning gap has emerged between initial idea and requirements setting.

The ID-GEM planning tool helps small-to-mid-sized organizations – that often lack the resources to fully uncover and consider the full, desired business value of a project – identify and integrate business value into software projects before any requirements are ever outlined, the company said.

Amadeus said ID-GEM ensures software projects are value-driven, not based on features and functions that may or may not deliver on the initial promise of a project.

“We’ve seen, time and again, exciting and innovative projects paralyzed by the planning gap,” Calkins said. “Project managers have a tendency to jump straight from the initial idea into features and functions, without establishing crucial business value objectives.

“We believe these smaller companies, vying for space in a crowded industry, can level the playing field by taking strategic planning initiatives before any actual development begins.”

To download the ID-GEM planning process visit