Amadeus Consulting launches free software development planning tool

Wednesday February 17, 2016 0 comments Tags: Amadeus Consulting, Boulder, ID-GEM, Lisa Calkins, Tom Carson


BOULDER -- Amadeus Consulting, a provider of software strategy and development services, today announced the availability of ID-GEM, a free, downloadable planning tool to help organizations incorporate business value objectives early in the application development process.Amadeus_logoUSE

Available at (, ID-GEM helps reduce software project failure rates by addressing the need for better front-end planning.

“One of the main reasons software projects fail is a lack of planning between initial application idea and the rush to set feature requirements,” said Lisa Calkins, co-founder and CEO of Amadeus Consulting. “We strongly believe in the open source model of contributing to the overall good of the software industry.

“With ID-GEM, we are sharing our years of experience and knowledge to help organizations align business value to software outcomes through a practical, easy-to-use, upfront planning process.”

As organizations of all types need to build software faster under increasingly complex conditions, a significant gap in planning has emerged between initial idea and requirements setting. Amadeus said the ID-GEM planning tool helps small-to-mid-sized organizations – that often lack the resources to fully uncover and consider the full, desired business value of a project – to identify and integrate business value into software projects before any requirements are ever outlined.

ID-GEM ensures that software projects are value driven, not based on features and functions that may or may not deliver on the initial promise of a project, Amadeus said.

ID-GEM is the result of decades of software delivery experience, and input from customers and partners working with Amadeus Consulting, the company said.

“Amadeus and the ID-GEM planning process ensured that the software we needed to build was directly tied to business value, and that my business ideas would come to fruition quickly and on target,” said Tom Carson, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Sospes, a leader in Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) software.