AlloSource appoints Bob Lay company COO

Wednesday November 8, 2017 0 comments Tags: Centennial, AlloSource, Bob Lay, Thomas Cycyota

CENTENNIAL -- AlloSource, one of the nation's largest providers of cartilage, bone, skin, soft-tissue and cellular allografts for use in surgical procedures and wound care to advance patient healing, announced the appointment of Bob Lay as chief operating officer.AlloSource_logoUSE

With more than 20 years of experience in both finance and operations, AlloSource said Lay has a broad-based understanding of how each department within an organization impacts another.

He has an extensive background working with businesses and medical device companies to conduct operational audits, improve processes and systems, and balance the needs of many departments to drive company growth and success, the company said.

"The chief operating officer role at AlloSource is critical to creating the cellular and tissue products surgeons need to help restore mobility in more patients," said Thomas Cycyota, AlloSource president and CEO.

"Bob's background, as well as his open-minded approach to driving improvements, will help us identify new opportunities to advance the work we do."

In addition to his role as COO, Lay also served AlloSource as director of cost accounting and VP of operations. Prior to his time at AlloSource, he held leadership roles at both startups and large companies.

Lay received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in accounting from the University of Denver.

"I am honored to lead the dedicated and passionate operations team at AlloSource," said Lay.

"AlloSource's commitment to donors and patients inspires me every day, and I look forward to contributing to the organization's continued growth."