AlloSource: Research shows ProChondrix maintains high cell viability

Tuesday October 8, 2019 0 comments Tags: Centennial, AlloSource, ProChondrix CR, Peter Stevens

CENTENNIAL -- AlloSource announced research results showing ProChondrix® CR maintains consistent, high cell viability for two years when stored at -80̊ C.AlloSource_logoUSE 

Allosource said the research found the presence -- on average -- of 94.97 percent viable cells in ProChondrix CR.

This is representative of the osteochondral allograft's ability to be used as an effective mechanism of repair for articular defects, the company said. The data displays viable cells within each ProChondrix CR sample that has been cryopreserved for a period of two years.

AlloSource said its proprietary cryopreservation technique combines a common cryoprotectant with a method that allows the cryo-media to penetrate the depth of the cartilage matrix, displaying no adverse effect toward cell viability.

According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, a minimum of 70 percent cell viability in osteochondral allografts has been shown to increase positive clinical outcomes.

"This research reinforces our commitment to advancing the science behind cartilage repair," said Peter Stevens, Allosource’s chief new ventures officer.

"Our proprietary process enables us to provide a cryopreserved graft that maintains very high cellular viability with a longer shelf-life, allowing ProChondrix CR to help surgeons heal more patients."

AlloSource said its research demonstrates that ProChondrix CR contains viable cells that are comparable to fresh osteochondral allografts. The cryopreservation technology ensures cellular viability for a longer period of time than many osteochondral allografts available today, the company said.

ProChondrix CR is a laser-etched, cryopreserved osteochondral allograft that helps deliver the necessary components for articular cartilage restoration. This next generation of cartilage restoration therapy provides the viable cells and other biological components necessary for repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues.

AlloSource's research was presented this week in Vancouver, Canada at the 15th International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society's World Congress. ProChondrix CR is distributed by Stryker and processed by AlloSource.