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By: Amy Kegg Saturday August 22, 2015 Tags: Fort Collins, AllProWebTools, Dave Kramer

FORT COLLINS, CO -- The energy and excitement was palpable on Aug. 20 as AllProWebTools hosted a big reveal for the 4.0 version of its small-business software solution. AllPro_logoUSE

More than 100 clients, potential clients, and company partners and supporters showed up at the Innosphere in Fort Collins to celebrate the company’s success and to find out what new tools APWT4 held in store for them.

Talk radio personalities Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer emceed the high-energy event. The duo, known as “The Experience Pros,” host “the most positive business talk show in America,” which is locally heard on AM 560 KLZ. They were the first of a stream of glowing client testimonials to share how AllProWebTools has helped to grow their business.

Tuccy said that prior to adopting AllProWebTools, they ran their business on various spreadsheets. Their communication -- though witty and insightful on-air -- was less than productive when it came to the business side of things. “We didn’t tell each other what we were doing,” she said. “I call it the WDYD syndrome – you know what that means, right? What Did You Do?”

Tuccy said the all-in-one software solution has “totally transformed our business.”

Reamer announced that the duo just recently signed a national syndication deal. “We’re going coast-to-coast, baby!” he told those attending the event. And Tuccy added, “We were totally ready for this step because of AllProWebTools.”  

Denver-based CR Conversations CEO Katie Myers and Director of Sales Grace Child also shared their zeal for the new version with the crowd. Myers said AllProWebTools has helped them build “Know, Like and Trust Factors” in their business. The PR firm handles customer retention for its clients and has found the software solution is serving as a catalyst to their business and to their clients.

“Truly, since we started using it, our business had quintupled,” Myers said. “We directly contribute that to AllPro because it makes us more efficient and effective.”

AllProWebTools CEO Dave Kramer likens his product to the Swiss Army Knife of small-business solutions. The software essentially allows the user to create their own customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on their unique needs, powered by hundreds of available modules.

Kramer brought bounds of energy to the stage, garnering whoops and hollers from the crowd. “We love you, Dave!” some shouted. Many clients emphasized their overwhelming satisfaction with the company’s customer service, noting that AllProWebTools not only asks clients what they want to see in new features, but that they actually deliver them.

Perhaps this is why some audience members chanted, “Chat, chat, chat!” and a ripple of contagion swept over the crowd when Kramer introduced the new features.

“We work so hard,” Kramer said, “pushing code at night, uploading it and wondering, is this worth it? Does anybody care? But to see such excitement and enthusiasm from our clients who use our product to make their businesses more successful – it’s definitely worth it.”

Without further ado, the new tools available in APWT4 are:

  • Live Chat
    • Send live chats to anyone in company logged into console
    • Chats can be monitored and searchable by console
  • Updates to CRM
    • Pop-up alerts in console for follow-up reminders
    • Ability to add custom fields to CRM
    • Ability to tie tasks to specific clients in CRM
    • Shows emails opened and unsubscribes in CRM record
  • Snowmaker Integration (Extreme Relationship Management’s proprietary software)
    • Ranks leads to help prioritize follow-up
    • Helps understand potential value of contacts, whether they’re leads, possible referral partners, possible mentors, or other categories
  • Google Calendar Integration
    • Follow-up reminders through Google calendar
    • Reminders when tasks are due through Google calendar
  • Hourly Scheduling through Website
    • Ability for entrepreneurs to sell blocks of their time online
      • Consultants, massage therapists, etc.
    • Reduces need for secretary, frees up time spent scheduling appointments
  • Dropbox Integration
    • Connect files directly to CRM record
    • Accessible from any device
  • GPS Location
    • Taken at clock-in
    • Make sure employees are where they say they are
  • Employee Productivity Report
    • Shows tasks worked on, chats sent, client notes
    • Hours clocked into company vs. client time
    • Fewer meetings, concrete data

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Amy Kegg

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