Aleph Objects partners with Filabits for access to 3D print materials

Thursday December 3, 2015 0 comments Tags: Loveland, Aleph Objects, Harris Kenny, Filabits, Corey Schlichter


LOVELAND --  Aleph Objects, Inc.   and  Filabits, LLC  today announced an exclusive partnership to promote access to -- and adoption of -- high-performance materials in the desktop 3D printing industry.Aleph_Objects_logoUSE

Aleph Objects' LulzBot line of Free Software, Libre Innovation, and Open Source Hardware desktop 3D printers will now be the exclusive 3D printer of Filabits, a leader in providing small-batch materials from over a dozen major material companies, including NinjaTek, Taulman 3D, and Proto-pasta.

With Filabits' unique business model, for just the cost of one reel of some specialty filaments 3D printer users can now try more than a dozen different filaments.

“Thanks to years of trail blazing by RepRap developers and hackers, the filament market has achieved critical mass,” said Harris Kenny, Aleph’s VP of marketing. “There are now many companies pioneering new premium materials compatible with Open Source Hardware. Filabits is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enjoy this new era in the rapidly growing 3D printing industry, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.”

“We are truly excited about our new partnership with Aleph Objects,” said Corey Schlichter, Filabits president. “Not only are their printers regarded as top-shelf, but their focus on Libre Innovation and Open Source Hardware meshes perfectly with Filabits' desire to bring accessibility to printing materials. To have an adaptable machine suitable for any task will be crucial as we explore new flavors of filament that come along."

The partnership reflects a fundamental shift in the materials segment of the desktop 3D printing industry. For Aleph Objects, the company's share (in units) of HIPS and specialty filament has grown from 0% in 2012 up to 48% in 2015 (through Q3).

Aleph Objects said its unit sales of 3mm filament have grown 3.75x year-over-year, thanks to the company's industry-leading partners that include ChromaStrand, Eastman Chemical Company, eSUN, NinjaTek, Taulman 3D, Proto-pasta and CC-Products. The company also recently announced a new partnership with Netherlands-based colorFabb to support additional natural, metal, and co-polyester specialty materials.