Agribotix partners with senseFly to offer enhanced drone data processing solution

Wednesday January 11, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Agribotix, senseFly, Lou Faust, eBee SQ, FarmLens

BOULDER and CHESEAUX-SUR-LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- Agribotix, a leader in drone-enabled agricultural intelligence, today announced it has partnered with senseFly, the world's leading producer of professional fixed-wing drones, to offer a new combined solution for professional users.Agribotix_logoUSE

Agribotix said the technology solution combines the top drone, sensor and agricultural data processing technologies available today to make collecting and analyzing aerial data easier than ever, with several times more coverage, per flight, than is possible with most quadcopter solutions.

By adopting senseFly's eBee SQ as its new fixed-wing drone platform, Agribotix said it is signaling its ongoing commitment to sourcing the best hardware on the market to bundle with its award-winning FarmLens SaaS platform, a 100% agricultural data processing cloud solution.

The eBee SQ is built around Parrot's groundbreaking Sequoia sensor. It features multispectral sensors that capture calibrated data across four highly distinct spectral bands (near-infrared, red-edge, red and green), plus RGB imagery, in a single flight.

Agribotix said the FarmLens Professional subscription now being bundled with the eBee SQ gives users the unique ability to perform the full crop scouting workflow in the field: fly large areas efficiently, capture ground truthing images, make notes, and share detailed information about trouble spots with farmers from the field.

FarmLens users gain valuable insights about crop conditions without having to become experts in data processing, the company said.

"The combined solution of the eBee SQ and FarmLens is a great fit for people who are looking for a simple, yet powerful, 100% agricultural solution," said Lou Faust, Agribotix CEO.

"After evaluating the fixed-wing options available today, there was no question that the eBee SQ is the easiest to use long-range drone on the market. It also has the best-in-class agricultural sensor, while FarmLens does the heavy lifting in the background, returning superb quality data presentation via the Agribotix Digital Scouting Report and enabling farmers to make time-critical adjustments."

"We're delighted to join forces with Agribotix in pairing the eBee SQ with FarmLens," said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, senseFly's CEO. "This partnership creates a professional end-to-end solution that is uniquely easy to use."

With the purchase of the combined solution, Agribotix said customers will be able to receive full professional hardware support via senseFly's existing network of expert distribution partners.