Active Junky acquired by New York-based Purch

Monday September 28, 2015 0 comments Tags: Denver, Active junky, Purch, Greg Mason, Kevin McInerney


DENVER -- Active Junky   has been acquired by New York City-based Purch, a digital content and commerce company that reaches 100 million consumers each month.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.Actgive_Junky_logoUSE

“As we’ve continued to analyze and better understand how consumers seek information related to product selection, it’s clear they want services which help them identify the best value in addition to identifying the best product for their needs,” said Greg Mason, Purch CEO.

“The cornerstone of Active Junky’s model is cashback, but they also identify deals, special offers, coupons and often work with their partners to customize special offers exclusively for Active Junky members.

“We believe developing these kinds of member services across our portfolio of brands will augment our strategy of unifying content, commerce and community.”

As part of the Purch family of brands, Active Junky will remain a stand-alone property that supports the active outdoor vertical market. Purch said the anticipated rollout of its customer loyalty platform across the company’s properties is slated for early 2016.

“There’s an incredible amount of synergy between Purch and Active Junky that some may not see from the outside,” said Kevin McInerney, Active Junky founder and CEO.

“We both appeal to audiences of enthusiasts and have a strong, growing shopping community in the heart of our business model that attracts intent-minded consumers and drives loyalty and ongoing purchasing volume.

“This acquisition opens up a number of new revenue streams, and I’m excited to see the impact our loyalty platform has when it’s spread across Purch Brands – some of the more trafficked properties on the Internet.”