AMERGINT Technologies expands facility again

Thursday November 10, 2016 0 comments Tags: Amergint Technologies, Colorado Springs, SOFTLINK, Sean Conway, Rob Andzik

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Eight years ago, AMERGINT Technologies began to transform the satellite ground systems market by moving satellite communications processing into software applications.Amergint_logo

This objective quickly spread to transforming the spacecraft test, real-time data acquisition and spacelift range markets with the same software application approach.

AMERGINT said its SOFTLINK architecture is the single unifying technology that makes this a reality, and the transformative capability and dramatically lower cost of ownership of SOFTLINK applications is driving AMERGINT’s growth and facility expansion needs.

“Four years ago, we doubled the size of our facility when we moved to our current location,” said Sean Conway, AMERGINT’s COO.

“With the completion of our expansion this month, we are doubling that space yet again to more than 30,000 square feet.”

The latest addition includes lab space for additional development, integration, test, and support for large projects. It also includes offices for new employees as well as facilities to support a broader range of programs and customers in-house.

“Customer adoption of our softFEP and satTRAC products has really accelerated in the past few years,” said Rob Andzik, AMERGINT’s president.

“Our products are used on many mission-critical systems. We understand the importance of the trust placed in us and we are committed to providing the best talent, products, and customer support possible.

As a result, we are strategically seeking both experienced engineers and recent college graduates to add to our team. This new expansion gives us the high-quality work environment and needed lab space to support our projected growth.”

“As we begin our 9th year, we are tactically focused on delivering technology and managing our growth in a way that allows us to continue our exceptional support for all of our customers,” said Conway.

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned company delivering signal and protocol processing software applications to the satellite ground, test, and data acquisition markets.