AMERGINT Technologies announces release of 1,000th software device

Thursday December 6, 2018 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, Amergint Technologies, SOFTLINK, Rob Andzik

COLORADO SPRINGS -- AMERGINT Technologies announced the release of its 1,000th software device.softlink-logo

AMERGINT said its SOFTLINK product architecture enables complex software applications to be constructed from modular software devices.

The software devices are largely code generated and follow a strict release process to ensure consistency and interoperability, the company said.

“Our SOFTLINK libraries now include over 1,000 software devices,” said Rob Andzik, AMERGINT’s president.

“The ability to order and link these proven software components into apps enables our customers to process their unique signal and data paths.”

AMERGINT said SOFTLINK moves signal and data processing into software, and the more than 1,000 software devices are the atomic building blocks. Apps may contain tens, hundreds, or even thousands of instances of the various software devices when they are delivered as satTRAC Modems, softFEP Processors or inSIGHT Systems.

AMERGINT said its code generation technology ensures every software device follows an identical design pattern and conforms to standardized interfaces. This allows for unprecedented configurability and extensibility across all of AMERGINT’s products.

As new features are added to the SOFTLINK Code Generator, they are reliably and retroactively added to all software devices in the library, the company said.

“Having a common product architecture, combined with the ability to scale the apps, both in number and diversity of software devices, has given our customers an innovative advantage,” Andzik said.

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned company delivering mission critical signal, data, and protocol processing software applications to the satellite/launch ground, test, and data acquisition markets.