What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase Social Media Engagement today?

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Van_Eron_headerBy Bill Van Eron

Contagious Relevance & Effectiveness Coach

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation

I valued social media as a meaningful method for engagement & community. I was recruited to help align an early social platform to those values in the early 2000's. Also to help local leaders and incubators become more aware of its topical value context & sense of community, so they could soon apply it.van-eron-inside-graphic.9.3          

At the higher levels of value, it seemed born to do the following:

1. ​People dislike being sold or marketed to. Social Media eliminated "sales funnels" where companies ruthlessly pushed products at you, to create “trust funnels” to determine any biz or orgs worthiness. Most orgs are no longer in the discussion until they solidify their reputation. Sales & Marketing are in decline.

2. It gave all people access to shape their own trust & credibility networks and share what they value in a worthy org and who may be up to that standard. Greedy orgs may be behind the threats to Net Neutrality.

3. It was based on the promise to give people, especially younger gens a method to stay connected to work, relationships and continuous learning - an even more vital factor today as digital device addiction limits this.

It is now crucial to understand its benefits & failings where an org chooses to use it: 


- Designed to enable mobile work & communications which is key to engagement flexibility.
​- Millions of people are connected to it so great if you have something of value to share.
​- Technology integration is best where beneficial to the user experience.

For orgs with strategic PR talent skilled to earn credibility, it can be a great Word Of Mouth engine.

​- Initially it was a place to earn trust, regard, collaborate, learn & be creative. We need that back -- The promise of access to unique mindsets, skills & true prospects was also a positive factor.


- AI is rising & able to eliminate most repetitive work categories. This is our narrow window to declare, apply and prove out the benefits of business humanity, which ironically was social media’s initial promise.

- Recent surveys show that CEO's are highly concerned their biz lacks soft skills thus ineffective.

- Security is a major issue as hackers gain access to our data & impersonate gov & other websites.
​- Reports show we’re suffering from digital device addiction as vital reasoning, relationships, problem solving, open dialog, trust, inclusion, creativity, patience & new thinking are in serious decline. Millennials, younger gens & others face an extreme risk as most new work will require a level of social mindset & skills key to earning trust, significance & relevance as vital to success. With these skills opportunities are infinite.

Growing Challenges:

- College has long been the path to earning better jobs. Effectiveness was limited to times of moderate change versus the exponential rates of change we see today. “Adapt to thrive” applies to all. I see a better path for education & industry that both would embrace. If not, Higher Ed will self-obsolete. Education needs to keep up as more tuned. Better options now exist for all people to adapt to thrive than returning to school.

​- Growing security threats on social media. Geez, even when I had to register my car, I went to the very website the DMV suggested. It was an imposter site that billed me, even after I signed up by phone.. 

  • The greatest assets to any biz are its people and markets. Greed and control have to shift to enabled humanity, inclusion & shared recognition as champions emerge to create greater relevance as I did for HP.

    People hate robocalls - talking to robots more than 7 seconds - and the AI threat of job elimination where humanity needs to be in the dialog at that value & experiential intersection. That said technology needs better guidance to truly enable people and to streamline processes as its top purpose.

​- It takes engaged, trusting, inclusive, diverse employee attributes enabled to succeed now. Social media can again become a contributing asset, but not as we see it today. 70% of all employees are still emotionally disconnected to work - Gallup. More younger gens desire an entrepreneurial culture vs. how they see big corporations. As one that created great significance as a customer champion in HP, I see higher value in helping more champions to emerge & shape work that connects our values. Outcomes inspire transformation. Our humanity is that vital addition, not just technology. Robots don’t shop.

​- Success was all about control, greed, closed cultures. But now significance rules. That requires a more conscious human mindset and skills to synthesize what matters most internally & externally which requires attention to your ecosystem beyond corp. norms.

​- Core functions, such as sales, marketing and HR are in serious decline. Some are theoretically yet shortsightedly replacing marketing with experience creation talent, but the acid test employees & markets apply reveals how trustworthy, open and inclusive any org really is. Business humanity is integrated values.

Additional Factors Ahead: - Greed & control have to give way to broader enablement, inclusion, recognition, diversity & reward. CEO's that make 300% or more than the average employee would be tasked to show their comparative value versus the fact that significance & success is a shared outcome.

​- Most orgs have fallen to left brain dominated models that foster closed internally focused cultures. All need that new breed of right brainers that apply advanced design thinking, systems thinking, attention to others & values, as that is the path to growth & regard through trust and relevance.

​- I conceived paths for a more enabling digital transformation as well as a purpose, both designed to increase our humanity in evidence, create positive accountability & continuous learning.
​- The more you invest to understand what you need to do, the better you will know what to look for as many initial transformation solutions only fuel a return to risk aversion where they fail leadership concerns. 

Your path forward:

  1. Enjoy technology while keeping it in balance with humanity, as all need that as a shared priority.
  2. Make the mind shift from product-focused cultures & solutions, to more conscious biz by design.
  3. Communities connected by trust, truths, reasoning & relevance remain our greatest need.

Stay true to the original Social Media culture to help people, learn, engage, share nd earn trust.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron transformed Headwaters Marketing to help others make the shift to shape business and markets in flow as an inclusive value aligned to today, thus future-ready now. Bill is actively helping others on this path as one who saw and acted on this with extended success can truly do. He seeks to leverage tech partners per a vision that increases innovation timing and relevance in larger companies and another version for higher startup success than the current 30% rate startups now achieve. He sees a greater win-win path for leaders as one that long earned Fortune 100 leaders' highest confidence. Bill aligned to the Caveat Institute in Arizona to help leaders & employees to see and get beyond obstacles. With HRevolution in Baltimore to advance HR as a key strategic benefit. Innovation Global Network in Boston to help shape future-ready innovations. Bill was recruited & signed on to help two boards through https://www.advisorycloud.com/profile/Bill-Van-Eron  as our world is leaping ahead in ways Bill initially hoped to coach other Colorado businesses and organizations to gain that edge in advance as the new path to success. https://www.hw2o.com