School of Mines in collaborative study to retrieve usable water from waste streams

By: InnovatioNews Wednesday December 11, 2013 0 comments Tags: Erin Neil, Golden, Pei Xu, Tzahi Cath

Colorado School of Mines logoGOLDEN - An environmental science and engineering graduate student at Colorado School of Mines is working on a study to develop cost-effective and environmentally sound technologies to increase water quality from water waste, Mines announced.

Student Erin Neil is working with Mines engineering professors Dr. Tzahi Cath and Dr. Pei Xu on the project, a collaborative effort by Mines, New Mexico State University and El Paso Water Utilities.

"We are trying to use waste streams from one water treatment process to treat another stream that might be used beneficially," said Cath.

Neil is comparing removal efficiencies of different types of sludge and evaluating the potential for microbiological contaminants to leach from the sludge to the treated water, Mines said.

"We have seen promising absorption results and expect to better understand the feasibility of re-using this water," Neil said.

The researchers are using sludge from drinking water treatment plants to treat reverse osmosis waste.

"Treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate can convert the waste stream to additional water for beneficial use, such as irrigation, that is otherwise scarce in arid climates," said Xu.

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