KromaTiD launches directional Genomic Hybridization screening services for DNA tests

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FORT COLLINS - KromaTiD, a Colorado-based bioscience company dedicated to creating new products for genetic disease research, mutation detection and chromosome analysis, said it is launching its directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH) screening services.

KromaTiD said dGH assays are the only imaging assays capable of determining DNA sequence, location and orientation data in a single test.

The launch was announced by KromaTiD at the American Society of Human Genomics conference this week in San Diego.

"KromaTiD's technology represents a major breakthrough in giving biomedical researchers an important tool to identify genetic mutations that cannot be easily identified by existing technology," said Dr. Richard Duke, the company's representative for the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4).

"The KromaTiD technology will allow researchers to identify new targets for designing unique drug interventions for multiple human diseases and cancers."

The KromaTiD dGH product line includes a genome-wide set of tools for discovering disease-causing mutations, specific high-resolution tests for detecting diseases such as thyroid cancer and an affordable assay development service.

"Linking a genetic disease with its true genetic roots can be a very difficult and expensive problem, particularly if you don't have the tools to detect all types of genetic mutations," said Alex Vodenlich, KromaTiD's CEO.

"With the launch of the dGH mutation screening services, KromaTiD is making the discovery of DNA rearrangements routine and reliable."

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