CU-Boulder grants Kelvin Thermal exclusive license to develop thermal management technology

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University of Colorado Technology Transfer logoBOULDER - Kelvin Thermal Technologies and the University of Colorado announced they have completed an exclusive license agreement that will allow Kelvin to develop and market thermal management technologies that could enable the development of ultra-thin and flexible smartphones, wearable electronics and other commercial and military systems.

Heat management is critical to the advancement of computers, smartphones and other electronic systems as they consume more power in smaller spaces.

Thermal management is a major constraint in the design of new systems because it not only affects the reliability of a device but also its surface temperature, energy consumption and battery life.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Defense under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a group of CU-Boulder researchers led by Professor Y.C. Lee has developed an ultra-thin, flexible thermal "ground plane."

The ground plane is a flat, heat-transfer device as thin as a credit card that can be mounted on electronic devices and is a new approach to thermal management.

"Hot areas on consumer products such as smartphones and tablets are not only annoying to the consumer, they can also decrease performance," Lee said.

"Flexible thermal ground planes passively maintain comfortable skin temperatures without the use of fans and other temperature control techniques used in larger systems."

"The issue of thermal management is significant today in all aspects of design," said Allen Duck, Kelvin Thermal CEO. "The Kelvin Thermal approach to heat transfer and thermal management offers design teams opportunities to create thinner, smaller, more efficient electronics systems.

"In creative hands, it becomes a game-changing technology."

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