CSU crowned champ at 2013 Windward Code Wars competition

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BOULDER - Colorado State University took home the top trophy from the 2013 International Collegiate Programming Championships in Boulder on Jan. 26.

The CSU team included: Brandon Schaffer; Austin Walkup; Mike Oba; Chris Campbell; and Jason Lewallen.

The CSU team defeated its closest rival from the University of Maryland by a score of 100.3 to 93.24.

Windward Code Wars is a day-long game that tests the programming knowledge, innovative thinking and teamwork of computer science college students.

Hundreds of teams from 28 universities around the world spent the day creating an A.I. character that would battle it out with other A.I. characters in a previously undisclosed programming game.

"Our goal was to create a challenge that pushes the students to the limits of what they can do, because there is tremendous joy in accomplishing an extremely challenging task," said David Thielen, Windward founder and CTO.

Code Wars is created and run by Windward, a Boulder-based reporting and document generation enterprise software company. Sponsors included Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, JetBrains and Morgan Stanley.

For more information, visit www.windward.net.

Videos are available at: http://windward.net/community_codewars.php

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