Clean Energy Collective opens Colorado Springs 500 kW solar farm

By: Steve Thursday December 20, 2012 0 comments Tags: Carbondale, Colorado Springs, Paul Spencer, Windsor

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CARBONDALE - The Clean Energy Collective announced the grand opening of the Colorado Springs Community-Owned Solar Farm, a 2,210-panel, 500 kW array that will generate locally-produced power to more than 100 utility customers.

The community-owned solar farms - another was dedicated in Windsor this past summer - offer panel owners sun-generated electricity in a secure, unobstructed place they don't have to maintain.

Unlike leasing options, the Clean Energy Collective model provides any ratepayer in the Colorado Springs Utility territory the opportunity to own panels in the array to offset the energy needs of his or her home or business.

The panels are guaranteed for 50 years and can be transferred to another residence within the utility territory, sold or donated by the owner.

"This is a way for Colorado Springs residents to be able to have affordable power and to be able to participate and feel good about how they're generating their energy," said Paul Spencer, CEC founder and president.

"You don't even need a roof to adopt clean energy today, and the paybacks are higher than ever - both for the environment and financially."

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