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By: InnovatioNews Thursday April 24, 2014 0 comments

FORT COLLINS -- Living Ink creates inspired, environmentally friendly greeting cards that literally grow into beautiful messages when placed near sunlight.

Living Ink Company LLC is a social expressions company with a significant interest in greeting cards. The company said it is inspired by personal connections with family, friends and colleagues.

Living Ink said it was founded because of boredom with status quo, cookie-cutter messages, inspiring it to develop a card that is one of the most unique, innovative and environmentally friendly greeting card products in the industry.

The company said it developed "living ink" by using a patent-pending biotechnological process for transcribing messages, including writing, designs and drawings. Specifically, Living Ink uses a process to apply small microalgae cells onto the surface of its greeting cards so that when the recipient places the card near a window, the "living ink" grows into a beautiful, bold message within two days, sustainably powered by only sunlight and carbon dioxide.

The company has also developed methods to create a card in which specific words and images become visible on different days, making it a card that continues to provide new messages weeks after being received.

Living Ink said it intends to be an online company that designs images and conceives messages, and manufactures and sells custom greeting cards. With 7 billion greeting cards sold each year ($9 billion market) in the U.S., Living Ink believes its novel product will be met with enthusiasm.

Living Ink claimed the second-place prize of $10,000 at the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Collegiate Track Challenge on May 2.



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