Zvelo’s new IoT security solution enables OEMs to quickly add network protection for devices

Wednesday October 4, 2017 0 comments Tags: Greenwood Village, zvelo, Jeff Finn, Jason Rollings, zvelo IoT Security

GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- zvelo, a leading provider of categorization services for web content, web traffic, and connected devices, announced the release of zvelo IoT Security following a successful beta period.Zvelo_logoUSE

zvelo IoT Security uniquely empowers network security, router, gateway, UTM and other vendors to offer comprehensive protection against IoT device attacks, the company said, and its seamless integration enables faster time to markets.

Zvelo said the IoT security solution is agentless and features a lightweight, software-based sensor -- powered by zvelo's advanced AI algorithms -- that completely automates dynamic IoT device discovery, device profiling, and detection of compromised or vulnerable devices.

zvelo IoT Security recognizes specific IoT or BYOD devices that are connected or are joining a network. The solution will then continuously monitor the behavior of all devices connected to the network for abnormal or malicious activity.

Device profiles and compromised device data is provided via an API, enabling OEM partners to ingest the data into their SysAdmin and other user interfaces. The agentless solution requires no specific deployment on the IoT/BYOD devices themselves.

"The volume of IoT devices is racing toward 30 billion by the end of the decade and, until now, the security solutions working to ensure the safety of networks connecting these devices have really struggled to keep up," said Jeff Finn, zvelo CEO.

"Botnet attacks and other major problems caused by inadequate (or absent) IoT security continue to make headlines. zvelo IoT Security offers an effective and much needed solution to the very real threat of IoT-based security breaches, offering an unprecedented depth of insight into the traffic and behavior exhibited by connected devices -- and the ability to mitigate these threats before critical issues occur."

zvelo IoT Security accomplishes dynamic device discovery by uniquely inspecting all seven layers of a network-connected device's OSI model, and then recognizing the unique fingerprint of the communications functions performed by each connected device, the company said.

This precision in identifying devices makes it possible to instantly detect irregular traffic and behavior with much more depth and detail than has been available in the market. Additionally, the solution performs detection of Domain Generated Algorithms (DGA) -- algorithms that some malware uses for attack orchestration -- to gain awareness of whether a device has visited a DGA domain, and then weigh this data point in determining each particular device's level of potential compromise.

zvelo IoT Security also utilizes Bonjour ID identification to further recognize unique network devices.

"The sum of these technical capabilities enables vendors implementing zvelo IoT Security into their products to base device security decision-making on the most detailed information available," said Jason Rollings, zvelo’s senior VP of Service Delivery.

"Consumer and enterprise end users of IoT solutions can also rely on zvelo IoT Security to protect their networks when adding new devices, knowing that any malicious activity will be detected and mitigated.

“And, as opposed to largely theoretical IoT security solutions that require direct deployment into individual IoT devices (as described in the recent AntibIOTic white worm research paper), zvelo IoT Security provides a much more practical, real world approach to IoT security that avoids any device-specific requirements in order to be effective."

Once zvelo IoT Security gathers signals and threat intelligence from the devices it monitors, the solution sends a continuous data stream to the zveloNET cloud for analysis, the company said.

Any detected anomalies inform the zSCORE that is provided for each device, which represents a risk assessment based on the device's behavior. Network solutions equipped with zvelo IoT Security can be configured to take specified actions automatically when anomalous behavior or traffic becomes detected.

Beyond IoT devices, zvelo IoT Security also supports PCs, smartphones, tablets, printers, scanners, Bluetooth devices, IP phones and systems, security video and alarm devices.