X-IO Technologies introduces portable Axellio computing system

Wednesday September 13, 2017 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, X-IO Technologies, Axellio, Bill Miller, edge computing

COLORADO SPRINGS -- X-IO Technologies today announced a new portable version of its Axellio™ edge-computing platform uniquely designed to fit in just two, easily-transportable suitcases that meet commercial airline standards, enabling IT teams to travel simply, efficiently and flexibly at a moment’s notice.

X-IO said its portable Axellio enables advanced analytics in real time with up to 88 CPU cores, 2TB of RAM, 460TB of ultra-high-performance, dual-ported NVMe all-flash storage and 4x100GbE network connectivity - in a high-density 2U (3.5 inch) design.X-IO_logoUSE_1

The mobile edge computing solution is targeted at organizations that require high-performance computing resources to exploit high volumes of data at high velocities anywhere in the world.

The system is capable of 12 million I/Os per second and 480 gigabits per second transfer rates with under 50 microseconds of latency.

X-IO said Axellio is a real-time Big Data appliance that can be used for teams that need a portable solution to be deployed without notice, instead of transporting an entire pallet of equipment, such as federal government cyber protection teams.

“It’s a logistical nightmare to quickly move with large amounts of hardware and classified data,” said Duncan Stewart, retired Air Force officer and X-IO director of Strategic Development.

“The teams want to be able to throw their gear in a case and jump on a commercial flight.”

X-IO Technologies said its Axellio 2U unit can be quickly disassembled for travel and reassembled onsite. One carry-on suitcase contains the system’s easily removable NVMe all-flash storage for secure transportation of sensitive and classified data.

A larger suitcase contains the main server chassis, which weighs less than 100lbs (45Kg) to meet commercial air weight requirements for checked luggage.

“Sometimes you must take the power of advanced computing to the epicenter of a crisis or event,” said Bill Miller, X-IO Technologies CEO.

“By putting Axellio on a plane and then at the scene, deployable teams have the power they need to quickly analyze and address any event with a unique combination of performance, density and cost at a remarkably small and easily portable footprint.

“No other technology can simultaneously ingest and process large data flows at such high-performance speeds and such low cost.”

“Some of the most demanding agencies are fighting the front line battles every day against cyber enemies,” said Reginald Hyde, former deputy undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.

"Portable Axellio is a fast, powerful and portable edge computing solution that provides military and intelligence units the capability necessary to maintain global vigilance and readiness in a dangerous world."

X-IO Technologies said it is offering the portable Axellio solution via its global solution partners.