Wowza announces new broadcaster tools with ClearCaster updates

Wednesday April 11, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Wowza Media Systems, Wowza ClearCaster, Dave Stubenvoll

DENVER -- Wowza Media Systems™ announced updates to the Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance aimed at meeting demands for today’s professional broadcasters.Wowza_logoUSE

Wowza said its   ClearCaster now provides automated redundancy setup, ensuring unparalleled reliability on Facebook Live, as well as the ability to simulcast streams through the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service.

“From redundancy to simulcasting and new publishing tools, these latest updates are designed for professional broadcasters to deliver the best possible experience on Facebook Live and elsewhere,” said Dave Stubenvoll, Wowza CEO and co-founder.

“ClearCaster provides the only way to deliver the highest-quality 1080 streams to Facebook Live, while also powering one-click simulcasting and bulletproof reliability.”

Wowza said ClearCaster’s built-in redundancy capabilities allow broadcasters to run multiple devices, and failover or toggle between two or more paired machines.

Broadcasters can also remotely manage ClearCaster through Wowza ClearCaster Manager, a user interface where users can start and stop streams, adjust settings, configure redundancy and many other features.

To help broadcasters deliver to audiences beyond Facebook Live, Wowza said ClearCaster can now simulcast broadcast-quality streams through Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Users pre-set a stream target in Wowza Streaming Cloud, then provide the connection code in ClearCaster Manager when setting up the stream to select their simulcast destination.

As part of this update, Wowza said ClearCaster also offers several new native publishing features to increase audience reach and engagement. This includes the ability to restrict viewing audiences based on location, age or gender to aid with audience targeting and limit the viewership area for posts.