WaterPulse introduces irrigation mats that cut water use up to 70 percent

By: InnovatioNews Thursday April 23, 2015 0 comments Tags: Longmont, WaterPulse, Jim Heffernan, water mat


LONGMONT -- WaterPulse Inc. announced it has developed a commercial grade capillary action mat system that cuts water use in both retail horticulture outlets and greenhouses and nurseries by up to 70 percent.WaterPulse_logo_USE

WaterPulse said this marks the first time this type of system has been available for retail outlets, and the combined use of the mats in retail and grower locations could save millions of gallons of water and cut expenses.

“With drought conditions threatening California, the Southwest and even the entire West, it’s easy to see how this new American-made technology can revolutionize horticulture on a thirsty planet,” said Jim Heffernan, WaterPulse executive chairman.

During extensive testing, WaterPulse said its new irrigation system showed a massive reduction in water use by delivering water to plants precisely and with minimum waste.

Typical results indicated a reduction in water use from 10,000 to 13,000 gallons per day to as low as 400 gallons in one large retail center, WaterPulse said.


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