WEL to join Catalyst HTI campus in north Denver

Friday July 20, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, WEL, Catalyst HTI, Mike Biselli, Nick Edwards

DENVER -- WEL announced it will join Catalyst HTI, a health innovation center located in Denver’s River North (RiNo) District by opening a site location.Catalyst_logo

WEL is a national leading voice that has become a beacon of knowledge throughout the healthcare community in relation to exercise and medical programming and will continue to innovate within Catalyst HTI.

“WEL is working to change the healthcare industry, and Catalyst will provide both the pulpit and environment that allows us to communicate our knowledge and conversations on exercise and medical integration,” said WEL President Nick Edwards

“WEL is providing the staff and thought leadership around exercise and medicine that is going to change the way people view healthcare and exercise. Getting the Catalyst community on board with this change and collaborating with this community for pieces of their expertise will help us to achieve this goal and drive outcomes.”

WEL’s continuum of wellness directly integrates exercise into the fabric of each member’s care plan and allows them to experience wellness as a true member experience- instead of being fixed in the episodic care plan that is healthcare today.

“WEL is the first organization with a physiology focus to join Catalyst HTI, a city-block development in the RiNo District of Denver,” said Mike Biselli, Catalyst HTI president and co-founder.

“We are excited to have their expertise at Catalyst, as we work together to reimagine health, wellness and healthcare.”

While based in Denver, WEL functions and delivers care across multiple sites in the Denver metro area as well as across the U.S. Within Catalyst HTI, WEL will bring its proprietary technology giving access to members and tenants alike, designing and running its technology suite within the facility’s Fitness Center as well.  

WEL will serve the community with events and forums featuring the most advanced technologies and techniques in the industry. WEL is a pivotal disruptor in the industry by rapidly expanding its community across the US and beyond. 

WEL is pacing to have over 250,000 members by the year 2020 and its footprint in Catalyst HTI will help expand its offering and voice, which will reverberate across the US.

Catalyst HTI is bringing together a full array of industry disruptors in healthcare. Organizations in Catalyst HTI will have access to potential clients and investors in established companies, while larger corporations can surround themselves with emerging technologies in an environment filled with entrepreneurs and growth companies.

Catalyst HTI opened in early July and is located at 35th St. and Brighton Blvd. Other tenants include national organizations such as Delta Dental and the American Osteopathic Association, global firms like Hitachi Consulting and Terumo BCT, and Colorado-based institutions including the University of Denver and CORHIO.