UQM announces fuel cell compressor growth in China, Europe markets

Wednesday May 9, 2018 0 comments Tags: Longmont, UQM Technologies, Joe Mitchell

LONGMONT -- UQM Technologies, Inc. (NYSE American: UQM) today announced orders from five new China customers and two new European customers for UQM fuel cell compressor systems for fuel cell development programs.UQM_logoUSE_1

The UQM fuel cell compressor system includes the UQM power-dense permanent magnet motor and controller, and EATON compressor technology.

This compressor system is becoming well known in the market for its large efficiency window, high reliability, and low total cost of ownership, UQM said.

China is at the beginning of developing fuel cell vehicles and fueling infrastructure, and by 2020 plans to have 10,000 fuel cell vehicles on the road with the infrastructure to support the growth, according to UQM.

Already a key market player in the heavy-duty commercial and transit e-drive space, UQM said it is now increasing its market reach as the market becomes more focused on hydrogen fuel cells.

“The China fuel cell market is growing very quickly, and UQM is very well positioned with our proven fuel cell compressor technology to capitalize on this growth,” said Joe Mitchell, UQM CEO.

“This product line has become a key part of our overall strategy, and obtaining this many new customers in both China and Europe positions us very well to participate in this growth.”