Time to recognize, get past the rhetoric and act is now

By: Bill Van Eron Wednesday November 1, 2017 0 comments Tags: Bill Van Eron


By Bill Van Eron

Business Humanity & Market Value Strategist

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation

This is a sad time for our country. Political rhetoric jumps to the top of the list in violation of a long time business value to never over-promise and under-deliver. We all knew that was a death knell no one was too big to escape. This is having a profound effect on our nation, as even America is not too big to fail.

Conversely, this is a time for burgeoning inclusion, innovation and enablement as connected to revitalization of what really matters to more of us as an interdependent ecosystem.

Superficiality has no place in what some are forecasting as a shift from a connected economy (that many abused) to an interdependent economy (that promotes open accountability, inclusion, values, experience, purpose- the essence of business humanity – till now an oxymoron).

This interdependency is not to be confused with poorly defined and supported socialism. As more of us take a systemic view of what a healthy ecosystem really involves, more of us will enjoy supporting efforts that we understand as creating value and a healthier economy for all within reason as a better compass.

It is sad we experienced the very real potential to lose it all before most understood we have to act on values we share. The battle ahead is to champion truth, open dialog, integrity, values and experience through our actions beyond just the words.

Our nation is one large interdependent ecosystem that has fallen out of balance where greed stops progress and hope experiences walls where there should be pathways. If we survive, a better path awaits.

Never before have we been so motivated to matter than now, so smile and enjoy the better ride ahead knowing you can soon be empowered to define as more conscious to what can be involved. 

Astute observers distinguish the difference between people that say the right things (of late) with lots of fanfare, and people who simply and masterfully accomplish the right things for the right reasons.  

We are clearly in a time that demands more of the latter along with greater convictions about why, who and what. Leaders and conscious, objective resources can then advise on mastery factors while enabling others to determine how.

I doubt we have ever seen a time like today where rhetoric flows like flood waters and actions seem dammed by status quo excuses, risk averse management, or die on the vine of disingenuous comments. For the last decade or so, we have entered into a growing trust crisis. That led to greater transparency about who is genuine and who is not.

Those values now shape success or failure everywhere.

The backlash is a growing positive regard for people and companies who astutely defy the usual, define needs beyond the typical corporate agenda, then consciously shape externally viable strategies they deliver to.

This next gen of leaders will emerge within the ranks versus just hoping and waiting for that proverbial leader to surface from a declining list of top down miracle workers. How do I know this? Because that is the role I evolved into when leading customer responsive, innovative marketing for over a decade that helped define HP’s greatest success. That all happened beneath most top Dilbertesque management’s radar.

Today, such champions are vital to discover and enable. They are also vital to self-discovery so as more people decide they want their work to matter, stay relevant and create value to many, they now have a path to act on. This breed of catalysts and champions will be genuinely inclusive, inspire and enable teams to execute with purpose, value and a compass that stays fixed on what matters the most.

The power of systemic thinking may prove to be the most significant catalyst and enabler for this transformation, now motivated by market definitions of value most organizations fall short to see as well as to achieve.  

Look at life and work through a different lens than conventional thinking:

  1. It starts with understanding only you have the best path to work and life quality well within reach.
  2. You may require some courage to embark on a path that mainstream America has yet to define that markets have long relished as a value they respect in others. This creates a significant opportunity to lead.
  3. Learn the many advantages of creating value by understanding its influence ecosystem beyond a corporate lens. Understand the opportunities to make all human interactions an experience people want more of.
  4. Learn how true and higher impact innovation emanates around creating trust, credibility and relevance.
  5. Whatever you want to do is part of a bigger ecosystem. Understanding each components real needs helps you and your team to devise solutions where more win.
  6. This is not about any one or two generations. It’s about all of us being in the same boat. Whether you row, sail or power up an outboard, it’s the destination that matters.

Systemic thinking has deeper rooting in our goal to create greater humanity in business as a natural extension of how we live and act in life.

The lines are blurred as business realizes it has to recruit leaders who are well rounded people, versus protective of outdated credentials. That includes all the related factors vital to organizational alignment – knowing your customer, investing to shape value as they see it and leaping beyond the status quo to achieve something special time and time again.

It happens when companies and employees commit to values, open discussions and enablement. The ultimate is when we rise above closed corporate cultures to shape deeper connections to external influencers and factors affecting trust, relevancy, credibility and innovation.

Yes, finally ‘accountability’ is no longer acceptable to be treated as a four letter word. It will prove vital to effective leadership, trust, diversity, values, brand, innovation, passion, purpose, greater consciousness and revenue growth as a system-worthy outcome.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron, founder of Headwaters Marketing & Innovation, has an extensive design-rooted career that naturally evolved to a still rare, yet high-impact conscious design mindset that finds and transfers greater value to actions across business, life and community. These skills & systems thinking come to life when we immerse in a range of customer-facing and influencer-facing environments. Far greater possibilities are clarified to the benefit of leadership, vision innovation, inclusion, trust and relevance. As always, I focus my time on enabling others to achieve greater success across realms most businesses miss, yet profit by. Not about me, about an enabled we. Let’s start the dialog (970 221-0751, https://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-van-eron/  [email protected]).