Rethink isolating each of your top 10 business priorities to how you roll with a more naturally integrated approach

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By Bill Van Eron

Conscious Market Strategist

Headwaters Marketing and Innovation

We all have proverbial pencils to sharpen, many shaped by our functional focus areas; i.e., sales, marketing, operations, HR, and product development. But that list that sums up to divide or unite us goes well beyond work as we know it.

Success has to also factor in personal viewpoints and values that impact what and how we do things, and how that aligns to what really matters. Traditional corporate agenda’s largely fall short. The ideal and growing criticality, is the sum of our efforts benefiting a strong purpose so we retain the connection of our piece to the whole and adapt & thrive as an interdependent conscious culture. The flip side of this is evident when status quo change rates often score low. That greatly limits having the culture vital to making you go.

Understanding the challenge from an objective perspective includes asking:

  • How much have we changed over the last decade, year or as a concern today?
  • How often are new ideas explored, nurtured and acted on?
  • Have I been in the way or of help to revitalizing our company to a new collective success standard?
  • Who can I really go to now for fresh insight and help when most others have the same trappings?
  • Which fears and aspirations are real and which are both personal and business challenges to solve?
  • Are my skills aligned to todays advanced needs to assure value personally and organizationally?
  • How do I recognize status quo trappings and cultural limitations?

Comprehending the needs from a conscious design perspective includes asking: 

  • Who all and what all defines our success ecosystem? How do they really feel about us now?
  • What are the requirements they share as crucial to earned regard?
  • Which and where can we help them and justify it from a business and cultural perspective?
  • How am I affected by our work environment and in kind, how are others?
  • With many items of need on our top ten list, why is it we keep adding to the list, versus resolving any?
  • What are the most important solution requirements and how do we address them best?
  • Our markets know more about us than we do. How can we create better accountabilities?

Why you should be excited to embrace a more conscious solution:

  • Leaders that enable others are far more successful than those that stymie growth.
  • Wider knowledge of the challenges to leadership and organizational culture create an anticipation of role and value that you need to be proactive to adopt and display in evidence. Last on board, is least valued.
  • The new skills needed are soul-opening realizations of the values that likely inspired you to enter a career. Play that forward and witness the net effect of an impassioned organization and marketplace.
Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron, founder of is leveraging rare and timely experience to help others largely new to today’s success requirements. He shaped an alliance with so orgs have a platform/portal plus Bill’s proven methods to infuse life and meaning to work & brands as a values-based NAV360 business model.